29 Jun 2022

I am a contract mobile developer with over eight years of experience in app development. As well as practising iOS in both Swift and Objective C, I have used various other programming languages including Java, Kotlin, Javascript, React, Ruby, Bash, and 3D game engines, such as UDK and Unity.

I strive to remain up-to-date with best practices and the latest technologies, by following various blogs and weekly newsletters. In my spare time, I like to keep active and am currently training for a triathlon. During my career, I have worked on a vast amount of apps, including dating, banking, betting, and travel. I have been lucky enough to work across a variety of apps.

Keytree – Senior Mobile Engineer – 07.2020 – present (Contract)

  • Worked on Keytree’s in house white label application used by many retailers globally. Helped push a unit test first approach and generally help improve the overall process.

FootAsylum – Senior Mobile Engineer – 02.2020 – 05.2020 (Contract – through Equal Experts)

  • Worked alongside the FootAsylum team, to help them produce an app for their stores to reduce the number of lost sales. This was a greenfield project working with barcode and machine learning image recognition technologies.

BBC – Senior Mobile Engineer 02.2019 – 02.2020 (Contract – 1 Renewal)

  • In charge of looking after the children’s game framework. Adding new features, fixing bugs and just general maintenance,

Barclays – BMB (Barclays Mobile Banking) Lead IOS Developer 03.2018 – 02.2019

  • As a lead developer within Barclay’s largest app team, I was in charge of keeping the app running, which included release management, feature and defect prioritization, continuous improvement of BMB, as well as a host of other things.  
  • This meant working directly with over 80 developers across multiple different countries.
  • Release management was a large part of my role, which meant every month when we did a release I had to coordinate with the developers, testers and delivery managers, to make sure features were going to be delivered on time.

Travel Counsellors – Senior IOS Developer 03.2017 – 03.2018

  • I was in charge of setting up the processes for a new app team within TC. This included setting up the build process which integrated the app process into their current continuous integration system, as well as introducing automated testing using a cloud-based system.
  • Prototyped a tvOS app, based on their current mobile solution.

Degree 53 – Senior IOS Developer 03.2015 – 03.2017

  • Working with the senior management team, I constantly tried to improve the project process. I created a Ruby plugin for the build server which controlled the bug tracking and ticketing process, which drastically shortened the development time.
  • Code reviewed and monitored other members of the native team to ensure everyone was okay and following coding style guidelines.
  • Supported the QA team to ensure appropriate test strategies are in place.
  • Collaborated with the senior management team and tech leads to create technical specifications for new projects.
  • I contributed to the design reviews across all native projects, to help to improve designs and user experience.
  • Worked with business analysts to ensure project requirements are accurate before each project began.

Degree 53 – iOS Developer 09.2013 – 03.2015

  • I became responsible for supervising the native team, ensuring that all processes worked effectively, with issues being raised and amended quickly.
  • Helped the commercial teams, by being involved in pre-sales meetings, such as project estimating sessions and client pre-sales meetings.
  • Set up our continuous integration process.
  • Collaborated with backend teams to help design appropriate data structures.
  • Helped mentor the other developers on anything from TDD best practices, to object oriented design principles such as SOLID and DRY.
  • Created a suite of frameworks and deployed them through a private Cocoapod repo to reduce need on 3rd Party libraries. This included network, mapping and testing frameworks.

Betfred – Junior iOS Developer – 02.2013 – 09.2013

  • Responsible for writing the coding standards and project guidelines.
  • Introduced new processes across the entire mobile team, which included a migration from TFS to GIT.
  • Aided and advised the management team with the recruitment process, through conducting telephone and face to face interviews.

Digital Labs – iOS Developer – 10.2012 – 02.2013

  • My role was to aid the lead developers with projects, which included anything from apps to websites.

Worked on a content management website using Drupal which was very successful, and won an award at the Big Chip awards.

Manchester Metropolitan University  – 09.2009 – 07.2012

  • Graduated with a 2:1 in Computer Games Technology.